Friday, July 5, 2013

Weddings for all

Our wedding season is in full swing. Flowers are lush and beautiful and each bride is unique. In June we did a wedding of watermelon gerbera daisies and white gerbera daisies as well as a wedding of rich, ruby red roses with black accents.

July is quiet and gives us time to order flowers for our beautiful Cambodian wedding in August. This is a unique wedding because they have ordered orchid leis along with calla lilies. The colors are vibrant and lively just like the bride and groom.

No two weddings are the same, no two brides are the same.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Weddings on a budget

Wedded bliss...who wants to begin their wedding severely in debt? Stick to a budget, don't let vendors pursuade you to spend more than you can afford. Some brides come equipped with high end budgets, other brides simply want a beautiful day that fits their small budget. Flowers do not have to break the bank. They can be inexpensive yet stunning. Not every bride needs to spend thousands of dollars on flowers alone. We work hard to stick within your budget. We respect each bride as an individual. Once a bride books her wedding with us, we go the extra mile to ensure that her flowers are as lovely as can be. Whether it is a courthouse wedding, a wedding in the Cathedral downtown, or a quaint mountain getaway...we will work with you on a personal basis to make sure your day is picture perfect. If you have a strict budget, provide us the colors, let us use seasonal flowers to accent those colors. If you have a flexable budget, tell us the flowers and colors you prefer and let us do the rest.

When it comes to trends...what was old is new again. Cascades and orchids are back as the trend for 2013. Never overlook the simple elegance of lily of the valley-just remember they have a short season and can be costly. Peony season is right around the corner and dahlias are available shortly after that. If you think flowers are outside of your budget-think again. Better yet, if you think flowers are out of your budget-call us at 303-722-6113 to set up a complimentary consultation for your upcoming wedding.

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And remember-no matter what your wedding theme or budget...religion or culture, we do it all.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Love is in the air

Valentine's is for more than lovers. Lost is the art of romance. When you love someone, let them know. Young love, old love, longterm love, whimsicle love, passionate love, familial love, friendship is love and every day is a good day to share that love. Sometimes words fail us though. Sometimes we need something or someone to do the talking for us. Let flowers speak for you. Let us create a magical bouquet that fits your budget. If you are sweet on someone, let us send a small package of locally made award winning chocolates to convey that message. If you are passionately in love, send a bouquet of stargazer lilies with roses. If you are in a new romance and love is not quite the right message you want to send, let us make up a stunning arrangement of pinks and purples or rich royal reds. Words can get jumbled, but flowers never fail.
Floral Expressions

Friday, January 25, 2013

Shop talk

For a small florist, there are many ways we like to reach our customers. Recently, we have begun tweeting (@flowersgourmt) and using facebook ( more. There seems to be so much more that we can say and it can not all be done in 140 words or less on twitter and not everyone wants to read more than a few lines on facebook.  So, while we invite you to read our updates on those, as well as looking at our newly re-designed webpage (, we also welcome you to follow our blog as we discuss the floral industry. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and see what we have in-store for you.